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I Cannot Tell A Lie

Can you just imagine how great the world would be “if lies were non-existent……never having been created”?

Everything that goes on from day to day would be “up front, real and worth your valued attention”.

Relationships based on a lie (or whole bunch of lies) are doomed to failure sooner or later.

The married man or woman, or someone committed in a relationship, or who goes out on the town and lies about being single, (or just avoids the subject altogether) is exposing their lies to unsuspecting normal emotional people that are about to suffer tremendously “when the truth is finally revealed”.

I have more respect for a single person who tells you up front, “this is who I am and I never want to make a commitment or have a marriage, nor a live-in situation.  When I see you, I see you, and don’t expect anything else to come out of this.”  Hearing this may be hard to swallow for sure, but if you are honest, don’t you currently know someone who is living just this way?  I do, and she has been involved in what she calls “a relationship” for over a decade and she can’t move or change a thing.  Might I also say she is always depressed, always moaning and doctoring for one thing or another.  Did it ever occur to her that just maybe these constant ailments evolve from her emotional state of mind?

Who in their right mind would go on for years and years, only to go nowhere and be used all along the way?  That is as bad as living with a lie.

You are better off being alone “than being a by-product of someone else’s short-comings.”

Unfortunately, deep-down it becomes a mind-game of who will win this one in the long run, the liar or the one being dumped on?  Fear or laziness can be factors, but they do not take away the lies.

When the realization of “how deeply you have been hurt hits”, it is already too late, and the best years of your life may have passed you by, never to be re-claimed again!

If you value yourself vs. the lies, you will change. You will have to do it on your own.  “Your friends” will only make you feel that you are lacking somewhere…and you do not need to feel worse, YOU JUST WANT TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF.  If you do not lie to yourself, you will soon see an improvement in how you think, feel and relate to others.

IN RELATIONSHIPS, IN LIFE, and in LIVING…look for the truth,      the up and up, and get results that are “worth their weight in gold”!

Volume XII, Article 72