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How to …
raise your children bilingually?

Open borders create many opportunities for modern world’s citizens. Nowadays spending whole life in your hometown and following your parent’s footsteps might no longer be the only available option. Internet allows many to work from any location on the planet. Changes in working models often trigger changes in personal life. Freedom of choice leads to shaping one’s lifestyle according to personal needs. Transnational marriages stopped being unusual long time ago. There are more and more children born in multinational families. Many children are born outside of their family’s homeland and struggle to maintain contact with their heritage. Growing up surrounded by many cultures can be a true treasure if it’s properly cared for. Perks of being brought up by parents of different origins include cultural fluency and bilingualism. Studies show that even up to 21% of Americans consider themselves bilingual. How to raise a bilingual child?

Main systems used by parents raising their children bilingually include: One Parent, One Language, Minority Language at Home, Time and Place and Mixed Language Policy. However, new technologies allow some parents to take advantage of them while teaching. Polish minority can benefit from Polish Internet Schools Libratus. It’s a free innovative educational project based on an online platform with didactic materials such as games, movies and presentations prepared by teachers with rich pedagogical experience. Libratus helps parents to become the best teachers to their kids; it also provides weekly on-line classes with Polish pedagogues. All of this is free of charge in order to cultivate Polish heritage, language and culture. Every student at Libratus receives Polish school card. Each school year finishes with an exam proving fulfilling Polish core curriculum. Libratus allows children to maintain contact with their homeland and mother language.

For more information about free Polish education visit:

How to raise your children bilingually-