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May 19, 2024

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How Rude

Whatever happened to common courtesy?  Did someone have a competition and rudeness won?

The winner that “takes the cake” and the first prize is an elderly woman who is a member at a local Swim Club.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, as she jumped out of her beach chair and ran up to the Life Guard “to let him know that these young people who are swimming should not be in the lap lanes with their balls and swim tubes…they should be in the other part of the pool where it is free-style swimming.”

I was in the pool, and the Life Guard looked at me as if to say “what is her problem?”  I just shook my head….knowing that this woman is uncouth to begin with, so why expect anything different from her.

Mind you, the complaint that she was directing was toward young adults who are already compromised with a form of cancer.  They were being treated to a day out at the Swim Club with transportation and all expenses paid to enjoy a day through the kindness of one of the Swim Club Members who pays the bill…….every year!

A real kind-hearted person would have never opened their mouth to ever say anything!  The swim was on a week day not a crowded weekend. She actually complained loud enough to clear that end of the pool where these young people were.  Too bad that there are some people like that around who “want to control everything and everyone with their mouth.”

I would never touch that rude action “with a ten foot pole”….. What she was giving out will definitely come back to bite her!  Their life may be difficult enough without some stranger putting another draw-back on them, on a day meant to be free of complications……just to have fun!  (My suggestion would be that if you are not kind enough to overlook a rule or two for one day for these young people…..then “maybe you should just stay home for the day that they are invited!”

What is it with these rude people?  They seem to think that they can push everyone’s buttons and get away with it.  You get away with nothing in this world; “a higher power” is keeping score …..  So good luck when you have to answer for that.  No amount of excuses “will ever hold water”.

Sink or swim with the dolphins, the choice is easy “if you are a good soul”, instead of a BIG MOUTH!

Volume XII – Article 78