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How Long Can Poland Hold Out
Against The Far-Leftist Onslaught?

“Progressive” culture war – a rerun of  “1984”?

By Robert Strybel
Warsaw Correspondent

WARSAW–The “progressive” culture war, that aims to stand everything on its head, has also begun surfacing in Poland. It seems quite reminiscent of George Orwell’s classic, futuristic novel “1984.” In the British author’s fictional totalitarian state, new words were invented and old ones were banned to limit the range of human expression. Orwell called it “Newspeak.” Now it’s known as “political correctness.”

Now under attack by the “progressives” is freedom of speech – one of the most basic human rights. To stifle it, their Newspeak has rolled out a whole arsenal of buzz-words including xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, racism, sexism and gender neutrality. Anyone who dares question or criticize them runs the risk of getting fired, demoted, publicly ostracized or “canceled.”

Although Obama-Biden-style unisex ”tranny toilets” have yet to appear in Poland’s schools, the term transphobia is already circulating. In fact, radical Polish feminists insist that the term “bisexual” is now transphobic, because it implies there are only two sexes. (Gender fanatics claim there are more than 50!) The assistant of one Polish “progressive” politician lost her job when she said she preferred the word “woman” to the gender-neutral “person with a uterus.”

The “progressive” agenda opposes intolerance and discrimination, but only when it affects their own pet minorities. The pro-abortion marches that took to Poland’s streets also shouted hateful obscenities at churchgoers, disrupted religious services, vandalized churches, beat up priests and pro-life activists and destroyed pro-life displays.

Radical feminist Marta Lempart initially  was fighting for “abortion on demand,” called the Catholic Church “a woman’s worst enemy” and most recently has warned: “Now we’re going for everything!” That could include gunning for the normal, non-dysfunctional family which “progressives” call “patriarchal” and archaic. Patriotism is stigmatized as xenophobic, nationalistic and fascistic and sexual deviation is lauded as diversity. The unnatural, abnormal and outrageous is fast becoming “the new normal.”

So far Poland’s “progressives” have yet to declare war on the American left’s Public enemy No. 1 – the white, heterosexual male. Due to the scarcity of non-Caucasians here, they are not telling people to “be less white.” At least not yet.

According to Professor Ryszard Legutko, a conservative member of the European Parliament, nearly all of Europe’s political parties – whether they call themselves Democrats. Christian Democrat, Social Democrats, Liberals, Socialists or Communists – are essentially pushing a similar neo-Marxist agenda and effectively lending support to the “progressive” culture war. Its purpose, according to Legutko, is to create “a new man,” one free of moral self-restraint and dedicated to the unbridled pursuit of consumerist hedonism. “Progressive” ideologues and their uncritical supporters may believe they are building a new free and prosperous utopia, but behind the scenes isn’t it the big-money powers that are pulling the strings.

The “progressive” revolution has so far remained on the the fringes of Polish society. Most Poles support the traditional “God, country and family” values represented by the conservative Law and Justice government which has been in power since 2015. But on the intentional political scene “culture warriors” are increasingly imposing their agendas and working to totalitarianize their more tradition-minded societies. How long can conservative Poland hold out against the “progressive” onslaught? It’s really anyone’s guess!