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Jun 12, 2024

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Featuring Polish blueberry buns (jagodzianki)!

On May 9, join us for the premiere installment of #HomeWithEU, the EU Delegation’s newest campaign showcasing the diverse cultures of Europe, all at the click of a button!

Poland’s rich culinary tradition is rooted in seasonal produce, incorporating ingredients that grow naturally in the great outdoors. To help share our passion for these organically-produced staples of our national cuisine, the Embassy of Poland is proud to contribute our head chef’s recipe for a Polish summertime favorite – jagodzianki!

These finger-licking, jam-filled pastries traditionally prepared with hand-picked wild blueberries are perfect for a picnic in your backyard, and for many of us evoke childhood memories of berry picking in the forests of Poland.

You can find more information about the event on Facebook and on the Delegation’s website.

And don’t miss the Embassy’s weekly cooking series on our social media channels, #CookingWithJanek, where you can find more detailed recipes for easy-to-make, Polish culinary delights.

About #HomeWithEU
Come join #HomeWithEU, a digital gathering of experiences and activities native to every EU Member State, that offers your annual dose of EU Open House cultural immersion while simultaneously promoting social distancing. These experiences can all be enjoyed right from your home and include numerous recipes of national dishes and how-to videos, playlists assembled by Embassy staff to provide you with some new background music, virtual tours of museums, concerts, films, and more! Meanwhile, the EU Delegation will be hosting a “Stronger Together” campaign supporting recovery efforts combating the coronavirus. This and every cultural experience will go live on May 9th, and then remain for the duration of May–so fear not, you have plenty of time to try out that Polish recipe, listen to that Spanish playlist, watch that Finnish ballet performance, and experience every corner of Europe.
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