Holiday Packages For Our Troops

CLIFTON, NJ – The calendar says its October which means it’s time for Clifton Cares to begin our Holiday appeal for supplies.

Packing for our military will be held in November, so we are reaching out to our supportive Cliftonites for their generous donations of food.

We need food and snacks for our next packing; we have a great supply of toiletries. Favorites of the soldiers are Rommen noodles, beef jerky, crackers, gum, power bars and all kinds of cookies and candy.  They also need powders to put in their water to make it more flavorable.

All donations can be brought to the Clifton Cares bin at Clifton City any time up to November 14.

Monetary donations are always appreciated. Packages are now $20.00 each to mail.  Clifton Cares is a 501c3 non-profit so your donation, payable to Clifton Cares INC, is tax deductible. Donations should be sent to Clifton Cares Inc., Clifton City Hall, 900 Clifton Ave., Clifton NJ 07013

Thank you for your continued support!