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Hobby Lobby Cases Underscores Deception
On Contraception, When Life Begins

In a narrow 5-4 decision today concerning the HHS contraception mandate, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby that closely held for-profit corporations cannot be required to provide contraception coverage. The Court found that applying the HHS contraception mandate to closely held for-profit corporations violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

In reaction to today’s decision, Human Life International President Father Shenan J. Boquet released the following statement:

“The full implications of this decision are not yet known, but this appears to be at least some good news in the fight for religious freedom.

“What many found deeply disturbing about this case was not only the assault on religious freedom, but the manipulation of scientific facts in order to support a radical political agenda promoting abortion.

“There’s scientific consensus that when sperm meets egg and fertilization occurs, a new human life begins. Yet we see our own government and pro-abortion lobbyist groups like American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) play games with the words ‘fertilization,’ ‘conception,’ ‘pregnancy,’ and even ‘abortion’ to make it seem as though the drugs and devices in question in the Hobby Lobby case don’t kill innocent human life—when it’s scientific fact that they can, and do destroy new life in the womb.

“Not only does the HHS contraception/sterilization/abortifacient mandate seek to undermine our God-given freedom to practice our faith, the mandate furthers U.S. government support for the greatest human rights abuse in history, using taxpayer dollars to kill preborn human life.

“There’s no doubt that legal action will continue on this mandate, and the many other troubling provisions of Obamacare. The American people must make clear to our elected representatives that we will not allow our religious liberty to be violated by our own government, especially in pursuit of an immoral agenda that furthers the erosion of human rights, and ends human lives.”

About HLI: Human Life International: For the Glory of God and defense of Life, Faith and Family. Founded in 1981, HLI is the world’s largest international pro-life and pro-family organization, with affiliates and associates in over 80 countries on six continents.