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High School…
Two Words One May
Dream of or Dread Hearing

High School. The two words one may dream of hearing or dread hearing. Big changes are the main results of high school. Temptations, challenges, goals and life changing decisions begin to overcome your life. As a rising sophomore, I have learned and grown a great deal after my first year of high school. I am not going to lie, intimidation had taken over me as I walked through the hallways for the first few weeks. “Always stay on the right side of the hallway,” continued to repeat in my head as I avoided the shoves from the upperclassmen rushing to class. It was a complete new environment an unavoidable atmosphere and there I was! I had finally realized that these next four years would determine the rest of my life.

BellaLyonTime management and organization play major roles in high school. With long hard days, extra curricular activities and a bunch of homework, one should be able to manage their time wisely rather than procrastinating, which majority of teenagers struggle with. Nowadays, teenagers are open to the world of social media including apps like Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Because of these gadgets, teens have become prone to procrastination and this will eventually cause them to struggle as they hustle to recover. This year, I learned that dealing with dance team after school and balancing my homework and studying, procrastinating could not be an option. One’s priorities must be straight when entering high school. Grades finally begin to count from day one and from then on, there really is not time to push academics and hobbies to the side.

Additionally, this is an important aspect for high schoolers, as one must also be able to work on their time management to feel healthy. Sleep and social lives are important as well. Although academics should be highly prioritized, health and the ability to stay social should also be focused on.

As a freshman, I was very shocked to see how everything changed automatically from leaving middle school to entering high school. My whole schedule changed and it took me a while to get used to it, yet once i got a handle on consistency, I was able to manage all my time pretty well, I must say.

All in all, this article focuses on time management and the start of high school. While the relayed opinions in this article may vary among readers, this is the way I perceived my first year. Although, it was tough to get used to a new school and a new way of doing things, things have become much easier with the development of more knowledge both common and academic. As I said before, temptations, challenges, goals and life changing decisions begin to overcome your life with these next four years and all readers should be willing to face, reach and achieve all of these aspects within these next years.

Now, I’d actually like to STOP and take a moment to enjoy the Summer of 2016.

By Bella Lyon