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Hamtramck Drug Free Coalition
Receives Americorp VISTA Grant

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – The Hamtramck Drug Free Community Coalition (HDFCC) has received a grant from the Americorp VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) program for three VISTA members. These members will begin their 12-month program working with the HDFCC in May. The HDFCC and Piast Institute are currently screening candidates.

The Americorp VISTA program is a part of a national service program with members across the U.S. The VISTA program sends its members to local organizations in underprivileged areas to assist them with their efforts in bettering the community. The Piast Institute has had 11 VISTA members in the past who have helped to develop and organize various HDFCC programs.

Over the past months, the HDFCC has focused on addressing the opioid crisis. Previously, efforts have been directed toward Hamtramck youth and families, but with the help of the VISTA members, the HDFCC plans to expand these efforts to also address senior populations and other cultural, religious and racial groups that have been isolated by poverty.

The three VISTA members will receive training in data collection with an Audience Response System, the use of Narcan in emergency situations, and various methods of educating people through Community Conversations, posters, and other prevention education materials. The HDFCC also plans to work with the VISTA members to develop focus groups and training sessions that will provide the methodology, materials and prevention information for community members themselves to take part in continuing to educate and inform others about opioid use, abuse and disorders in Hamtramck.

For additional information about the HDFCC, visit or contact Virginia Skrzyniarz

Piast Institute