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May 24, 2024

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Gruber Family Band Rocks
At Teske’s, Sept. 28th


For a moment we entertained spending Saturday afternoon at the Oktoberfest at the Hacienda Gardens in Saratoga, where the AlpinersUSA (Joe Domitrowich) and the Internationals were performing until late night. I found out that there was no dance floor and the area for dancing was gravel and dirt. So this was a drinking Oktoberfest not a dancing Oktoberfest, which doesn’t quite match our tastes. So we passed on this event.

In the evening we joined the Gruber Family Band for another fun-filled night at Teske’s Restaurant in San Jose. Scotty prepared a vegetarian strudel that was positively yummy. I don’t really know how those folks can eat the Schweinhaxe – a huge hunk of meat! On this evening we had a boisterous group at an adjoining table who enjoyed the GBF hijinks. I did my best to rabble-rouse and stir them up, bringing the entire table out for the cowboy-n-indians song/dance, the chicken dance, the many swings, and any other reason I could think of. Everyone was wowed when Michael Kramer played his gartenschlauch (garden hose and funnel). Michael is a trumpeter and gets amazing sounds out of the mouthpiece and hose. The place was hopping all night with beer stein holding contests, amateur yodelers, and much more.