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Greenpoint. The Transition Block Festival

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – “Greenpoint. The Transition Block Festival” will be happening on the 20th of September on Leonard Street, between Norman Avenue & Meserole Avenue in Greenpoint, between 11 am and 5 pm, as a part of “Greenpoint. The Transition” project. It will be an unique occasion to celebrate Greenpoint, meet the neighbors, enjoy FREE cultural activities and have fun!

In program:

– concerts & dance performances (polish folk, classic, jazz)

– photographic exhibitions (including Wojciech Kubik’s unpublished pictures of Greenpoint in the 80s)

– multiple art and educational workshops for kids & adults

– board games & urban sports tournaments

– book & clothing swaps

– photo booth

– contests with awards

– Polish & local food

– arts & crafts, and lots of other attractions!

The festival is a part of “Greenpoint. The Transition” project – a series of cultural and social activities realized in New York, USA by the Culture Shock Foundation between May and December 2014, aimed at Poles, those with Polish roots, and everyone interested in Polish culture and history.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Marta Pawlaczek,, (646) 589-2060