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Sep 28, 2023

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Governor Murphy Comes to Newark

by Jim Dombrowski

NEW JERSEY –  Governor  Murphy picked NJ‘s largest city to deliver his most important message of his first term in office declaring the “Stay at Home Proclamation “ to all New Jersey Residents about a month ago and, as May approaches, the order is still in effect.

The Governor made an impassioned declaration telling all residents that we need your cooperation to stay at home and only venture out for essential reasons.  All business not being essential have been ordered to close.

The State Police noted that there was a drastic decline in traffic and accidents. 

The Governor also made it very clear that he was in charge of the state and all decisions of what is open and closed are made by the Governor through executive order.  Unfortunately this executive order has been altered by Mayors and County Executives causing confusion of who is really in charge of New Jersey. There has been some confusion in Newark and Paterson about the opening of liquor stores, and the ability of restaurants to have “take out” which is allowed under the proclamation. The order does allow you to go out to shop and buy liquor and get take out food. The hours of operation have not been uniform around the state which again has caused confusion.

You can go out for medical reasons and to exercise alone and walk the dog. Social Distancing and face masks have been ordered when you go inside any business. Gas stations and mechanic shops remain open along with banks.  Many banks have gone to drive up only just as Star Bucks has instituted a drive up only policy.   Some fast food and  Dunkin Donuts still allow customers inside in a limited number at a time.

Murphy also urged New Jersey residents who own beach homes at the Jersey shore to stay in their primary residence. Recently Marinas have been reopened for individuals who own vessels to be allowed to use their boats for private seamanship.

In my pursuit of collecting all the news for the Post Eagle ,I’ve been taking drives around the state as the Governor  made it clear that the Media is essential.  The roads are very light on traffic and neighborhoods are quiet with cars parked on both sides of the street around the clock.  “We don’t need any monkeying around as we need to stop the spread of the virus,” proclaimed Governor Murphy.

Only 8 reporters which included myself and 5 camera crews were at the Newark Press Conference held on Washington Street.

Photos by Jim Dombrowski



waiting for the governor to speak at the press conference