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Dec 7, 2023

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Going Forward

GOING FORWARD —– takes a lot of push!

For some reason, most people find it easier to be stuck at a “standstill” than to move forward. This usually will be the case if there are matters that remain unresolved, therein stopping your progress. But, by whatever means necessary you must go forward! Let the unresolved resolve itself while you are very busy going forward. Nothing changes as long as you allow it to be so! Everything changes as long as you allow it to be so! But nothing can change without you pushing yourself!   How unfortunate for you, if you have given over your attention to someone or something outside of yourself that has taken away from your life and breathe. (Not to mention your “breathe of vision”!) GO FORWARD! Let “the thing” resolve itself, or spin itself out without your “standing still and watching over it”. (Someone else can do it!)   TIME DOES NOT STAND STILL —- NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

Volume IV – Article 10