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German Camps / Polish Victims

Polish Media Issues Launches Campaign To Increase Knowledge of Ethnic Polish Suffering

The remembrance for the victims of Nazi Germany, especially the extermination of many Jews in the Holocaust, is both admirable and deserved.  The world has come to set aside whole days to commemorate the Jewish Holocaust and monuments have been built in places such as United States, England and Germany to Jews, male homosexuals and Roma.

The Polish Media Issues (PMI) group are launching a campaign to increase knowledge of ethnic Polish suffering.  June 2015 will see the 75th anniversary of 728 Polish citizens becoming the first prisoners at the most infamous of the German concentration camps, AUSCHWITZ.  By this time Germans and their allies had murdered tens of thousands of Polish citizens and hundreds of thousands were held in prisoners of war camps, prisons, labour camps and ghettos for Poland’s Jewish citizens.

World War Two resulted in the death of six million Polish citizens (Poles, Jews and others), millions more were deported and hundreds of thousands rape and imprisoned.

We propose that June 14th be made a day to remember all Poles who suffered in WWII at the hands of Nazi Germans, Soviet Russians, Ukrainian nationalist and others.

It is our goal by June 2020, at least in Berlin, there be a monument to Polish suffering.

This is a significant undertaking for such a small group of individuals but with a track record of combating misleading media coverage of Poland’s history during World War II for the last 8 years, the PMI feel we will be able to achieve it with the support of Poles and the Polonia, Polish Diaspora.

Those interested should contact the PMI.
Postal address: PMI via Support Poland Limited, 49 Castle Rise, Cardiff CF3 4BB, Wales
Tele (English speaker): +44(0)797 382 3732
Alternatively e-mail:
Website: ((currently being rebuilt))


The Polish Media Issues group was founded in July 2005 to monitor the coverage of Poland and Poles in the media. We have been involved in over 800 major issues and a similar number of lesser issues. We are happy to deal with any media matter but have focused on the erroneous use of the expression “Polish concentration camp”.

We are producing a series of booklets under the banner “German Camps, Polish Victims”. They research the coverage of German occupied Poland and promoteknowledge of Polish sufferings. It is our hope that via the booklets we can help to educate the media on the extent of the problem of poor coverage of occupied Poland during WWII. We also hope to make it easier to complain as we have proof of the issues. The PDFs of the material to date are available on request.

This is to inform you of our biggest project to date – a booklet (8 pages plus cover) regarding the BBC coverage of WWII Poland. It is part of our work to influence the BBC over them showing Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter. We have printed 5,000 copies. This is supported by 25,000 flyers in English. The bulk will be given away outside the BBC head office, with the rest distributed to regional BBC offices and the Polonia in the UK. We also have 25,000 flyers in Polish to generate support for the action.

The next planned protest was to take place on 16th November at 11 am outside Broadcasting House, Portland Street, London.  Other protests are currently being planned.

Those interested should contact the PMI. Postal address:

49 Castle Rise, Cardiff, CF3 4BB, Wales
Phone (English speaker): +44 (0)7973 823 732
Alternative e-mail
Website: (currently being rebuilt)