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Full Circle In Fontana

California  – December 8-9, 2012

We left the rainy and cold (50°) San Francisco Bay Area yearning for the sunny (70°) Southern California clime. Yeah, I know that we are California wusses and you folk who live in subzero climates are smirking in disdain. Well, smirk away while I put on my sunscreen and sip my piña colada.

We hadn’t had a Polish dance in Southern California for many moons and thanks to Gene Swick we had a humdinger with the Full Circle crew: Lenny Gomulka, Al Piatkowski, Jimmy Weber, Mike Matousek, Mike Stapinski, and Roger Malinowski. And a special shout out to Roger Malinowki, Jr. who joined the band for a couple of numbers. The boys decked themselves out in reindeer antlers, specially tailored by the Kubiks, and spread lots of Christmas cheer.

On Sunday, the Jordans treated everyone to traditional Spanish/Mexican Christmas pastries: Pastel de tres Leches (oozing with moisture), Rosca De Reyes (the kings’ ring representing the magi), and Flan de Leche (great custard texture and flavor). At the end of each day the audience gathered in the mosh pit and danced in unison (well, some were in unison and some were a little offbeat). The band played Christmas carols and the audience attempted to harmonize with them. Thankfully the sound system was strong enough to drown us out.


In photo: Gene Swick with Marla Carney and Marie DeWeese enjoy Full Circle Band