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Freedom Is Precious

On Independence Day we celebrate the gift of America given to us 238 years ago by the founders of our great nation. Freedom is as precious as life itself. But its true value is rarely appreciated by people unless it is either threatened or lost.

Although the human spirit yearns for freedom, tyrannical regimes have been the norm throughout history. Since the dawn of mankind, people around the world have lived miserable, subjugated lives repressed by monarchs, fascists, tyrants, and dictators who controlled virtually every aspect of their lives.

In 1776 America became the first country founded on the recognition of the sanctity of individual freedom. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the core of America.

The United States was the only country established exclusively on the principle of individual liberty as an unalienable right. The founders of America recognized freedom as a fundamental human right, not something bestowed by an individual or group. Our Constitution was written specifically to protect our rights and freedoms from being usurped by power hungry tyrants.

America was established for the expressed purpose of safeguarding the individual from oppression, tyranny, and subjugation. America’s founders recognized each individual as having the freedom to succeed.

Even today, most countries on earth do not permit freedom for their populations. Governments or tyrants decide what is allowable within the societies they control. In these countries, individuals do not have freedom to make their own choices. Oppression is often enforced under the guise of safety, security, health, and fairness.

Freedom is so precious that individuals risk everything to attain it. Throughout our history, people have constantly fled to America from oppressive societies. They came here just for the opportunity to live in freedom.

The first settlers who arrived in this country had endured perilous ocean journeys that lasted for months. They left most, if not all of their possessions behind in order to reach a land where they could live their lives free from oppression.

The power of freedom unleashed the human spirit as never before. In less than 200 years, Americans had invented, developed, produced, and accomplished more than societies thousands of years old. Our freedom has enabled Americans to create the highest standard of living in history.

As precious as freedom is, there are those who want to take it away in their quest for power and control. Their strategy is one of deception. They publicly claim to seek to protect your liberty while deceitfully working behind your back to eliminate one freedom after another. In America, no one has the right to take your freedom.

Freedoms disappear gradually. They vanish in small, innocuous increments under the disguise of being done for your well-being. The foods you are allowed to eat. The subject matter you are permitted to watch and read. The determination of acceptable speech. What you are allowed to write. What is appropriate for your children to learn in school. These are only a few of the freedoms suppressed in an oppressive society.

Those who were born in America have known only freedom. Too many take liberty for granted. They don’t value their freedom as being precious. They are too willing to accept the lies being told by those who are eliminating one freedom after another.

Your freedom is not free. Countless people have given their lives so that you may live free. If you are not vigilant, you will lose your freedom. Freedoms lost are extremely difficult to get back. If you don’t recognize how precious your freedom is, and speak out against anyone trying to take it, you will lose your freedom.

By Bryan Golden

Bryan is the author of “Dare to Live Without Limits.” Contact Bryan at or visit Ó 2014 Bryan Golden