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Free Stop ‘n’ Swap Community Reuse Event
At Brooklyn Borough Hall

BROOKLYN, NY, April 22, 2014: Today, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams announced that he will host a free Stop ‘N’ Swap community reuse event, in partnership with GrowNYC, at Brooklyn Borough Hall on Thursday, April 24th from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM. As part of the celebration of Earth Month this April, they are inviting the public to bring portable, reusable items to share or simply come see what is free to a new home. Borough President Adams will himself be donating several articles of clothing from his closet for his fellow Brooklynites’ good use.

“I am so pleased to partner with GrowNYC in encouraging my fellow Brooklynites to Stop ‘N’ Swap at Borough Hall, the epicenter of life in our borough. “ said Borough President Adams, “This event encourages Brooklynites to truly think global and act local. We can shrink our ecological footprint, strengthen bonds with our community and save a few dollars in the process!”

Since 2007, GrowNYC has held 65 swaps throughout the five boroughs, providing a fun and easy way to reduce waste by connecting people with things they no longer need with those who can put them to good use.  Items donated typically include books, toys, fashionable clothing, house wares and electronics.  No one is required to bring something to take something; anyone can simply show up with a bag to fill with items.  Anything leftover at the end of the day is donated or recycled.  Furniture and other large items are not accepted.

“Stop ‘N’ Swaps have hit at the right time,” said GrowNYC Executive Director Marcel Van Ooyen.” In this economy, they’re a great way for New Yorkers to find things they need without having to pay and they are reducing the amount of garbage that NYC generates. In fact, it’s a triple-win; in addition to economic and environmental benefits, they also build community as people come out and meet their neighbors. Stop ‘N’ Swap helps prevent waste and pollution from manufacturing, packaging and transporting new things that we use only for a short time. Recycling every day is a must, but reducing waste and reusing items is even better, as waste is prevented at no cost.”

For those looking to clear out closets and drawers, but unable to make the swap, GrowNYC will offer a drop-off for commuters on Thursday from 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM at the Greenmarket outside of Borough Hall. Items left at the market will be displayed for the taking at the event.