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Frances Gates Honored By Sons of Poland

On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, the Benevolent Foundation of the Association of the Sons of Poland will honor Frances X. Gates with a Meritorious Service Award at a reception to be held at the Royal Manor in Garfield, New Jersey from 7:00 to 9:00 in the evening.  Chairing the evening’s event as the Master of Ceremonies will be the Association of the Sons of Poland’s Vice President, Louis J. Gill with presentation of the award to be made by the President of the Association, Frank Knurowski.

The goal for this evening will be to raise funds for scholarships and achievement awards distributed each year by the Association of the Sons of Poland. Last year’s successful fundraiser enabled the Association to distribute more scholarships and awards in larger amounts than in previous years. A gourmet buffet in addition to an open bar of premium liquors will be offered.

The Benevolent Foundation under the auspices of the Association of the Sons of Poland hosts such an award reception each year as a way of expressing gratitude to an individual or organization whose efforts reflect the Association’s commitment to the education of our children for the benefit of society and the future. Our first recipient was Seton Hall University Professor, Dr. Richard J. Hunter; then the Kosciuszko Foundation was acknowledged; followed by Mrs. Christine Kuskowski of the Teaching English Program;  the Polish University Club of New Jersey; The Marie Sklodowska Professional Women’s Association; Ms. Celeste Oranchak; Mr. Gregory Komeshok and this year, the honor will be awarded to Ms. Frances X. Gates who has exemplified action and deeds which confirm the unique value of every individual, the majesty and unending possibilities of the human mind and the enormous potential which exists in every person. Ms. Gates has devoted her life’s mission to the promotion of Polish Heritage and the value of organizations within our ethnic community, many of which have existed for over a century, like the Association of the Sons of Poland, of which Ms. Gates is an insured member. We invite all to join us in celebrating her at this noble gathering.

For information or reservations call 201-935-2807.