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May 22, 2024

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Flapping Your Jaw

(Flapping your jaw allows you to criticize.)

But, if you are a back seat driver, and you “keep your mouth shut while plans are being made”….then stay that way! Don’t wait until after the fact to speak up, spew and criticize from one end to the other! The “should have, could have and would have people” are just that, but add nothing viable to the mix to start with.

Example: A man or a woman getting married has a mother who sits back, smug and condescending and non-communicating throughout the whole planning process.  She is just waiting to spew on the day of the wedding or shortly thereafter, “on how she would have made the arrangements”, or “married someone else like……..”

What a way to start anything with a weight around your neck and someone waiting for you to fall on your face!  If you don’t get along with someone now, do not think that the new circumstances will definitely change the pattern for the better.  They won’t!

If you don’t like or get along with…. let us say, your future sister-in-law…..good luck!  If you think that that will ever change, act surprised if it does….chances are it won’t!

I cannot believe the number of people who are pompous and act as if they are the experts on everything, but in actuality “their elevator doesn’t go up to the top”!  Naïve, self-centered, arrogant, pushy, critical, loud mouthed and eyeing what you are doing so they can copy it when you are not paying any attention to them. Low self-esteem.  Low man or woman on the totem pole and definitely in need of a make-over. Their relationships are usually shockers, because they look for people beneath their status that they can talk down to, try and re-hab, and make excuses for why these people live the way that they do.

I think the term is “get a life”……or “grow-up”…..your persona is a disaster and leaves a lot to be desired!

Volume XII – Article 69