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Feb 22, 2024

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Find Jesus In Our Lives!

Greetings: You may not think it at first, but this Rant is a very upbeat and positive message…

Someone just sent me a photo of Evil Sleepy Joe the Baby Killer with a caption that read: “when you have an idiot in charge, those who voted for him are well represented.” I thought that was a bit harsh….. true….. but harsh. The frightening this is that we have, in fact, reached a point in our history where, if we do not turn to God, we will be totally lost and destroyed! If you do not clearly see this FACT then you must be living on another planet!

The powers that were supposedly elected, have taken even stronger steps to increase the holocaust of babies in our nation, they have eliminated even a suggestion of true morality from our courts, and insisted on programs that instill in even the youngest of our children impure and perverse ideas! Our public schools are no longer a source of knowledge, culture, and the arts, but a refuge for indoctrination, violence, confusion and chaos. Teachers have become glorified baby-sitters in classrooms that are no longer quiet sanctuaries of learning, as much as cages of undisciplined animals. (Excuse me—discipline seems to have become a four letter word in most schools and totally unavailable!) Having taught for 15 years in a public high school, I can say with a certain amount of authority that I have seen our Public Schools fall from temples of knowledge and learning to playgrounds of confusion and violence.

We live in an environment that has become increasingly hostile to our Faith and increasingly intolerant of our culture. True, the Holy Spirit sends His guidance via the Church and our priests…. But…. if we do not make use of the gifts of our culture and heritage and especially if God is not part of our everyday life… as it was for our Grandparents, then the seed of faith can’t grow and the stability of our families and nation are undermined, and we will be destroyed!

We have reached a point where most people do not understand their Faith and they consider religion, not a blueprint for living and a guide to eternity, but as nothing more than a casual and optional cultural or social part of life. The eager willingness that most people gave to closing their churches as “unessential” because of a “germ,” was a very loud declaration of their lack of faith! (recall that package stores WERE considered “essential!”)

What can we do? We can begin to revive interest and joy in our past, in the many wonderful cultures in our nation, in some of the old traditions and arts of our ancestors… and even make new ones to simply remind ourselves daily of the existence of goodness, beauty, truth and of God in our lives. We need a focus that will be constant reminders of the love of God as well as the love WE owe God and our neighbor. We need to constantly plant seeds that will grow strong roots.

True…. we cannot force someone to hear a message they need to hear, or are not ready to receive…..BUT… we must never underestimate the power of planting a seed!

How do we even begin?! The 15 year old Blessed Carlo Acutis has the answer for us! He said: “What does it matter if you can win a thousand battles, if you cannot win against your own corrupt passions? The real battle is with ourselves!” Exactly! We have to start with ourselves, then our families, then our friends and relatives, then our community and then the nation and the world!!! WE have to be the beginning!

Bl. Carlo Acutis also said “Our goal must be the infinite and not the finite. The Infinity is our homeland. We are always expected in Heaven.” THAT has to be a central message for our lives, for our families and for our nation! We all have an Eternal Goal and we have to work to acquire and build love, goodness, truth, and beauty here and now for our HERE AND NOW and for our ETERNAL FUTURE! That is the way to make a difference! If we know what we need we can work for it, and we must for it! If we know what is missing we can AND MUST build it!!

If we know and love and serve God….. if we study HIS Way, HIS Life, HIS Truth…. We will find our way and make a positive difference! If we want to rebuild our nation, our world, our lives….the time for paranoid faithlessness is over! Jesus has to be the reason, the direction, and the truth of and in all we do! He has to be first and last! He has to be the blueprint for our lives! Our Country has to understand that our Constitution actually calls for the protection, and integrity, and encouragement, and independence OF religion and not FROM religion as so many today, to our total destruction, wrongly believe!!!

So there it is….. our way is clear! Find Jesus in our lives….. live Jesus in our lives….make Jesus known with our lives…. and we will be free, strong, and prosperous with a future here and now…. and into Eternity!

God bless you, Fr. Charles