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Jul 13, 2024

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One might guess that the word – FEMALE – comes from the basic word – MALE + the prefix – FE. Not so.

The word – FEMALE – comes from the Latin word – FEMELLAwhich means – A YOUNG GIRL. French then used the word female to mean – A WOMAN … but the Latin word – FEMINA – originated with the word – FETUS- meaning – PRODUCING, BEARING, PREGNANT.

Of course, our words – feminine, feminist – come from the Latin – FEMINA – WOMAN.

Some feminist may ask why not call the history of queens – HERSTORY instead of HISTORY (her story / his story). The etymology of the word – HISTORY – does not settle the question. The word – HISTORY – comes from the Greek – HISTOREIN – which means – TO INQUIRE, and ultimately from the Greek word – HISTOR – A LEARNED MAN. The dictionary defines – HISTORY – A NARRATIVE OF EVENTS, A STORY.