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Felician University Launches
Institute for Informational Sciences

NEW JERSEY – Felician University launched its new Institute for Information Sciences Thursday, February 6 on the Rutherford Campus at Ray’s Place, Bramucci Unity Hall in Education Commons.

In photo: Dr. Bob Clougherty, Felician University VP of Technology, Design and Innovation.

The Institute will offer cutting-edge curriculum in Computer Science and Cypersecurity. The Institute’s Director, Felician VP for Technology, Design and Innovation, Dr. Robert Clougherty said the Institute will offer students more than computer science as a discipline where they type code saying, “They will learn how to comprehend the whole world that is technologically driven.” And while the Institute’s students will gain competitive skills, Dr. Clougherty pointed out to those who turned out for the Institute’s launch that, “It’s not going to mean just competitive skills, but lifelong skills, because to us, our value is really developing the whole person.”

Felician University President, Dr. Anne Prisco said the Institute will give students the opportunity from the very first semester to be “Engaged in and understand in real world learning the latest technologies that will equip them to deal with whatever new technologies they will face in the future.”

In photo: Sister Honorata Grzeszczuk, Felician University Professor of Physics, with others at the launch.

Dr. Clougherty says the Institute will sponsor monthly seminars designed for professional development that will, “Engage questions on information – how it is created, processed, and conveyed.”

The series is called the Ockham Lectures, named after William of Ockam, a 14th Century Franciscan Friar who studied logic. Dr. Clougherty used humor throughout the launch referring to William of Ockam as “Billy” when he presented the first lecture in the series: Summa Cybernetica: Machines, Meaning, and Metaphor.

The lecture series will be held Thursdays at 6 pm at Ray’s Place.