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Felician University Launches
Fall Older Is Better Program

NEW JERSEY – We’ve all heard the saying “You’ve not getting older, you’re getting better,” but Felician University’s popular presentation series Older is Better has been turning what may seem like a worn out cliché into an ongoing learning opportunity for men and women 55 and older.

The series began about 30 years ago as a way for Felician University to reach out to and engage with seniors by offering learning opportunities at a nominal price. Older is Better presentations are held Friday afternoons at 1pm in Obal Hall at the Lodi Campus located at 262 S. Main St., in Lodi.

The presentations begin with a prayer, and patriotic song often played on the piano by Frank Zabrensky of Little Ferry, who at 96 is one of the group’s oldest and most faithful members. “I am the only guy here and I’ve been coming for 23 years. Coming here is like a constant renewal and I enjoy it.”

About 17 seniors attended a recent Older is Better presentation but it’s not unusual for as many as 20, or even up to 40 to show up. “We’ve had good music programs that have been very interesting,” says Juni Sudol of Wallington, recalling a recent Older is Better program on Mozart presented by Felician Associate Professor of Music, Barbara Gordon, Ph.D. The presentations could be about music, art, literature, poetry, or just as often, on more practical topics such as Medicare, or Identity Theft prevention.

There is a low-cost fee of $3 for seniors to attend each program.  Friendship and fellowship is often at the heart of Older is Better as much as learning. Joan Tabor of Passaic was a teacher for 45 years who now attends is Older is Better Presentations. “So, I’m used to giving information to students, and now I enjoy coming here because the coin is flipped, and now I learn.”

At the end of each presentation there is coffee and cake or cookies. Plus, there are poinsettias at Christmas time, and geraniums in May. The Fall season of Older is Better will conclude with a lunch at Iviswold Castle on December 13. For more information about the series contact Michael or Danny at 201-559-6072.

About Felician University

Felician University engages over 2,300 undergraduate, graduate, and adult students through programs in arts & sciences, business, nursing, and education. Universal Franciscan values of social justice, compassion, and respect for human dignity serve as an inclusive foundation for transforming the lives of tomorrow’s leaders. Felician University’s education is ranked 3rd best return on investment for private colleges in New Jersey 2018 by the College ROI Report and is ranked #1 safest college campus in the state by