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FBI Director Accuses Poland Of Being Accomplice of Holocaust

The letter below is in response to an opinion piece published in The Washington Post entitled “Why I Require FBI Agents To Visit The Holocaust Museum”, written by FBI Director James B. Comey

Letter to the Editor
The Washington Post

FBI Director James Comey says he requires every FBI special agent “to learn” about the Holocaust, but he writes in The Washington Post about “the murders and accomplices of Germany and Poland.” Seriously, Mr. Comey wants people to learn about the Holocaust, yet he spreads mistruths?

Holocaust Lesson 101: In 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland and occupied the country for six years, building concentration camps to murder Jews, Poles, and others that they viewed as untermenschen, subhuman. Poland fought Nazi Germany longer than any other nation.

Poland was the only country where Germans imposed the death penalty on anyone hiding or feeding Jews. Poland was the only country occupied by Germany not to establish a Quisling government to collaborate with the Nazis. Poland has more righteous honored at Yad Vahem for rescuing Jews than any other country. Poland was the one country were Germans killed babies if their parents helped Jews. Poland was the one country during the war that published a report asking world leaders to stop the Holocaust. Entitled “The Mass Extermination of Jews in German Occupied Poland,” it was distributed in the west in 1942. Poland was the only country whose underground army killed those who turned Jews over to the Germans. Poland was the only country that sent a messenger, Jan Karski, to London and Washington to ask Roosevelt and Churchill to stop the Holocaust. Poland was the only country that established an organization to rescue Jews, ‘The Council to Aid Jews” called Zegota.

James Comey’s comments have brought shame on himself and on the FBI. Mr. Comey must learn this history before writing again about the Holocaust.

Jews do not, and should not, tolerate Holocaust denial. And Poles do not, and will not, put up with denial of Zegota.

Alex Storozynski