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False Justifications

By Bryan Golden

False justifications are erroneous beliefs that are used to support specific behavior.  When your actions are based on an incorrect understanding, you will either limit yourself or go down the wrong path.  Your mind directs you based on your beliefs.  It doesn’t care whether or not a specific tenet is correct.

Throughout history, human progress has been hampered by erroneous concepts.  Prior to the exploration of Columbus, ships would limit their travels for fear of falling off the edge of the earth.  Today, it seems ludicrous for anyone to have ever thought the world was flat.  However, at the time it was accepted science.

Another false premise of the past was the idea of the sun revolving around the earth.  As another example, many civilizations throughout history panicked during a solar eclipse, fearing it signaled the end of the world.

Just as false justifications impacted societal progress, the ones you hold affect your accomplishments.  You have to be careful what you convince yourself of.  As far as your mind is concerned, your outlook is the truth, even when it is based on a flawed assumption.  Let’s look at some often used false justifications.

“I can’t do it.”  This is probably one of the most used justifications for failure. It’s also employed to avoid any attempt at all. The truth is that you can do whatever you set your mind to.  With enough of a burning desire, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.  Replace “I can’t do it” with “I can do it.”

“There is no solution.”  Everyone encounters problems and there is a solution for every problem.  When you don’t believe this, you abdicate control over your life by feeling and acting like a victim.  Solutions may be elusive, but they always exist.

“I don’t know how.”  There isn’t any way to know everything.  There will always be more you don’t know than you do.  You always have two options.  You can acquire the knowledge you need or you can utilize someone else’s expertise.  Regardless of the subject, the information you need exists.

“I’m too busy.”  Why do some people accomplish so much more than others?  Their key is setting priorities and working toward their goals.  Those who aren’t as productive lack focus.  By devoting time to that which is most important, you will achieve more than before.

“I’ll be criticized.”  So what?  It doesn’t matter what other people say, think, or do.  All that matters is what you do.  Every person who has accomplished great things has always done so in the face of criticism.  If you are criticized, you are in the company of the greatest minds in history.

“I’ll fail.”  In order to increase your success rate, you must increase your failure rate.  Besides, you only really fail when you stop trying.  To succeed, get up one more time than you fall down.  Failure is nothing more than the discovery of something that didn’t work as planned.

“I’m too old.”  You are never going to be as young as you are today.  If there is something you really want, get started now. What are you waiting for?  Life isn’t a practice run.

Don’t waste any effort justifying why you are not attaining all you want.  Examine your beliefs and make the necessary adjustments.  There are countless examples of people accomplishing everything you think is not possible.  Get off of the sidelines and get on the path to achieving your dreams.

Bryan is the author of “Dare to Live Without Limits.”  Contact Bryan at or Ó 2017 Bryan Golden