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Every Summer Has A Story

School is finally over, but what are you going to do now? There are plenty of productive ways you can spend your summer that can benefit your education, as well as, having fun and enjoying yourself at the same time. Summertime is generally known as the three months where it’s all fun and games and not one word relating to school is thought to be mentioned. Although summer should be an awesome break to spend on vacation and with friends and family, as you get older, it can also be used in productive ways to build your resume and your educational experiences as you get closer and closer to college.

DlyonFullSizeRenderThis summer I taught at a local dance studio in Miami, FL. It was an amazing experience and I was able to meet many new people and gain many new friends. It was a quality atmosphere. While working, I taught kids from ages 5 to 11. These dancers were not only extremely talented, but proved to me how hard they work to achieve their goals and to study their passion. All for the love of dance. Over the course of these weeks, I was able to see the students grow from the first week to the last which was an amazing sight. As a dancer myself, I was able to relate to the young dancers because I remember having to endure pain and to work extra hard to reach where I wanted to be. I truly admired these young dancers and considered myself lucky to witness their passion and dedication to dancing. It made me so excited and happy to see how far these students were willing to go with their talent. I also met an amazing team of teachers and staff. Not only were they all so welcoming to me as an assistant instructor, but they were all equally talented in teaching and choreographing dance. The way they challenged the young dancers to reach their fullest potential was incredible to witness considering I remember when I was in that same position as the students at that age only a few years ago. My younger sister is also a dedicated young dancer and I was able to be a role model for her too. She was able to see me in a different light as I tried my best to guide her in class and to help her practice after private lessons.

Teaching at the studio, not only expanded my experience in the teaching aspect of dance, but it also allowed me to grow as a dancer. I was learning with the children and I was even able to gain more training when I was given the opportunity to take classes with the older dancers. This summer experience proved to be extremely valuable to me in many ways. I am thankful to have been able to work alongside such an amazing group of teachers and dancers!

I recommend to all high school students that summer jobs or volunteer work is key in being able to build a credible reputation and resume. Colleges are now very interested in community work and service hours. It’s important for high schoolers to find their passion and get involved one way or another. Local communities have many opportunities for students during the summer. This can be done by working and volunteering in places that are educational in some way and still allow for a fun and entertaining break from the school year! Nothing is better than being able to gain experience in a business atmosphere, getting more involved with a passion project, all while creating a greater background for oneself in the future while having fun at the same time. Make sure your summer has a story!

By Bella LyonBellaLyon