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EU-PO Collusion
Sullies Poland’s Image?

Poland sues Brussels eurocrats over alleged treaty violations

By Robert Strybel
Warsaw Correspondent

WARSAW–Since 2015, many Polish Americans have been repeatedly confused, upset, at times even ashamed that their ancestral homeland is apparently behaving so badly. These same PolAms were thrilled when a Polish cardinal became Pope in 1978. They welcomed the Solidarność movement, indirectly inspired by John Paul’s pilgrimage to Poland the following year. When communism finally collapsed in 1989, no-one felt a greater surge of pride than Polonians in America and worldwide.

Now headlines repeatedly claim that Poland has violated this or that rule, not lived up to “accepted” standards or otherwise deserves to be criticized, rebuked and punished. How could the nation whose struggle led to the collapse of the “iron curtain” become such an international “bad boy?”

It all began in 2015 when Poland’s “liberal” Civic Platform (PO) was defeated at the polls, and the conservative Law and Justice Party came to power. Since then, whenever a dispute arises between Poland’s conservative government and the Civic Platform-led “total opposition,” European Union bosses and the world leftstream media nearly always side with the latter. One might even speak of a collusive, political hotline between the Polish opposition and Brussels.

The Brussels Eurocrats  are again flexing their muscles by imposing exorbitant fines of €500,000 (about $580,000) a day on Warsaw and delaying the post-pandemic relief funds to which Poland is entitled. In a recent statement, the Foreign Ministers of Germany and France said EU membership was based on “complete and unconditional adherence  to common values and rules,“ The European Commission, the EU’s executive, is warning it will use all its powers to bring Poland into line.

But can unspecified “values and rules” devoid of legal grounds be called common?  The latest EU-Warsaw clash boils down to whether EU or national law is supreme. Poland has repeatedly invoked the treaty it signed when joining the bloc in 2004. That treaty clearly states that areas not exclusively reserved for the EU are the domain of member-states. Although judicial matters are one such area, Brussels has repeatedly attacked Poland’s judicial reforms meant to weed out ex-communist holdovers,  corruption and revsamp the sourt system. .

After years of such attacks Poland has finally decided to actually sue the EU over allegedly overstepping its competence in violation of the EU admission treaty. Such audacity has enraged Brussels eurocrats who claim that Poland has challenged the “rule of law” who call it “one of the European Union’s core legal principles.”

Except that nowhere is it written who decides  what is and what is not the “rule of law,”a blanket term that can be applied to most anything. The Netherlands allows the euthanization of Down’s syndrome (mongoloid) children up to age 12, but the EU doesn’t seem to object. Now circulating in EU circles is the notion that homosexuality is a human right. Will the EC try to force Poland to change its Constitution to allow homo-marriage and adoptions of innocent orphans by same-sex couples?