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Nov 29, 2023

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(Not unless you are in training to be a professional sports fanatic!)

Therefore, stop to smell the roses. Control what you know you are responsible for and capable of controlling….and LET OTHERS DO THE REST……and let them knock themselves out in the process…….while you enjoy the rest of your life.

No matter what “you are trying to get a medal for”, in your mind, definitely will not matter in the end because who is really keeping score? (Just God, and He is probably shaking his head by now, saying that you have it all wrong and He’ll straighten out your thinking when you get there someday.)

People spend years in personal relationships or living a particular way to prove a point, becoming a martyr…. or just because they don’t have the ambition to change anything! What for? Some people try to just prove things to themselves, while others are “waiting for a pat on the back” from someone…anyone. Is that what is going to make your life for you?   

Good Luck! You have it all wrong. No one is keeping score…..this endurance test is yours alone. Stop wasting your life away. Some years down the road you will be feeling awfully silly and kicking yourself for being so shallow in your thinking, and wasting so much precious time that could have been used more wisely.

Put everything in its proper perspective……GO FOR THE GOLD! LIVE! LAUGH! LOVE! ……AND SMILE ALL THE WAY!

Volume XII, Article 48