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Embargo Restricts Public Libraries’
eBook Purchases

Toms River, NJ Beginning November 1, Macmillan Publishers will restrict public libraries to the purchase of only one copy of a new eBook title following its release, after which the publisher will impose an eight-week embargo.

“Ocean County Library’s top priorities are our patrons and the products we offer them. We see our digital services as an integral part of bridging information and entertainment from these authors to our patrons. As a result, our library system will not be adding new titles from the Macmillan publishing house during the eight-week embargo” states Christi Aldellizzi, Supervising Librarian, Collections.

This embargo will impact eBooks only. Patrons can still reserve their favorite authors in print, eAudio, or audiobook. 

Susan Quinn, Ocean County Library Director, said, “Macmillan Publishing’s eBook embargo limits the public’s access to information and education by denying public libraries the opportunity to purchase eBooks in sufficient quantities upon publication. This embargo will impact people who depend on the digital format for reading material, but who cannot afford to purchase these titles.”

Quinn noted that many people with visual and other disabilities, rely on eBooks for adjustable text size and easier to hold eReaders.

The Ocean County Library supports the American Library Association and the New Jersey Library Association’s opposition to this new policy. To learn more visit .