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E.U.’s Radek Sikorski
Visits Baltimore

BALTIMORE, Md. – Radoslaw “Radek” Sikorski, is an elected member of the European Parliament located in Brussels, Belgium, representing Bydgoszcz and the Kujawsko-Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland. He who also serves as the Head of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with the United States.

PHOTO: Radek Sikorski receiving National Katyn Memorial Foundation Honorary Membership from NKMF Chairman Richard Poremski

Sikorski made a special effort to visit here on October 31, 2019 and paid his respects at the National Katyn Memorial. He congratulated the Baltimore Polonia for its patriotism and ability in erecting the striking Memorial, and “for having the political clout in putting it up in such a prominent place in the city, and therefore it will educate the American public about our history and about the two totalitarian parties that occupied Poland during World War II.” The National Katyn Memorial Foundation was very proud to bestow its coveted Honorary Membership upon Minister Sikorski at the conclusion of his visit.

Minister Sikorski also later met later with the Polonia and public at the local Polish National Alliance, Council 21 facility. He skillfully demystified the complicated workings of the European Union (EU) and its Parliament to the satisfaction of the attendees, especially in the legal context of Poland’s membership and obligations in the EU as one of its 28 national members. Great Britain’s undergoing “Brexit” withdraw from the EU, and its many consequences, were covered in detail, as was the present Polish government’s resistance to certain serious EU mandates, with the EU threatening sanctions against Poland if it continues with its non-compliance posture.

In photo: Katyn Remembrance. The Honorable Radoslaw “Radek” Sikorski is depicted presenting a floral wreath at the National Katyn Memorial, assisted by Richard P. Poremski, Chairman of the National Katyn Memorial Foundation.

A lively Q&A session followed Sikorski’s remarks which covered many related topics, and some pointed questions in regards to Poland vis- a-vis the EU. Answering an economics question, Sikorski stated that Poland had has a very favorable net-benefit ratio with the EU by having received billions of euros for major infrastructure and capital improvements since Poland joined the EU on May 1, 2004. 

Earlier in the day, as on the preceding days, Sikorski was in Washington, D.C. leading the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee. They met with members of both houses of the U.S. Congress, members of the National Security Council and Department of State, and prominent think tank administrators.     

Radek Sikorski has had the distinct honor to formerly serve the Republic of Poland in the capacities of Marshal of the Sejm, Minister of Defense, and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

By Richard P. Poremski
Polish American Journal
Washington, DC Bureau
November 11, 2019