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DynaBrass In Fontana
February 22-23

dynabrass_046forwebJeff Mleczko and the Dyna Brass polka band from Michigan would have played for free in Fontana, California the weekend of February 22. The toasty 70 degree weather was quite a contrast to the subzero weather in Michigan.  After they thawed out, they opened the dance with one of their honky style polkas which brought everyone out on the dance floor. Their brassy style really lights up the room.  Jolanda Jordan was in heaven.  DynaBrass is her favorite band. After the dance she continued to rave on her Facebook postings.

In photo on right: Gene Swick & Marie Pettibone’s granddaughters listen to the band.

 Barbara Szczypiorski celebrated her 57th birthday with a birthday cake and enough cupcakes for everyone. She was joined by her husband, her sister, Del Calderini, and her mom, Stephanie, who will celebrate her 93rd birthday in a couple of weeks. Barbara’s not shy. When her birthday was announced, she leapt up blowing a shrill whistle and rattling noisemakers. We all joined in creating quite a din and lined up for hugs.

On Saturday two young couples joined us. We discovered that one of them had been raised in a Polish section of Staten Island and showed the others a youtube posting of the band. So they stopped by. None knew how to dance. After three simple instructions they bravely took the floor and spent the next three hours honing their skills. Way to go!

Thanks to Marie DeWeese Pettibone who brought her grandkids, we had wee ones to entertain us on Sunday. Marie had a little cancer removed from her eyelid and looked like she had been socked in the eye, which made for entertaining prattle. She had no problem finding folk to keep watch on the two lasses while she spun about the dance floor.

Thanks again to Jeff and the boys for a great weekend.