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The word for today has to do with the identification of a type of alcohol. The Romans drank wine daily. They often would mix honey with the wine to sweeten it. When crossing a desert they would mix the wine with the water to keep the water potable since the water would become rancid after an extended period of time.

The label on a bottle of wine reads – DEMI-SEC – comes from the Latin words – DEMI – meaning half, and the verb – SICCARE – meaning – to dry up. Therefore, a wine labeled as demi-sec is half dry.

The word – DESSICATEmeans to preserve foods by removing the moisture; by drying out. The Latin prefix – DEmeans from, away from, out from. Combined with – SICCARE – it means – TO DRY OUT.

How many of us are aware that the word – DEMITASSE – means a half of a cup. The Italian word – TASSE – means – cup.