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May 24, 2024

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The word for today is – DELPHIC – which means OBSCURE, AMBIGUOUS.

Delphi is located on the southern slope of Mt. Parnassus in central Greece. In ancient times it was believed that this was the center of the universe. The famous temple of Apollo was located here. Important leaders often came to seek advice and direction from the priestess who although she was married dressed in a maiden’s garb. The suppliant and the priestess bathed together in a small spring, then, the priestess alone drank water from the sacred spring and proceeded to the temple where she sat on a tripod situated over a fissure in the rock. Chewing on laurel leaves she then gave her answer to the suppliant’s question which was previously submitted. Since the speech was often incoherent the attending priests would interpret her answer. The suppliant, of course, had to figure this out for himself. The temple ruins and the grounds are beautifully situated and among Greece’s favorite tourist attractions.