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Deer-Resistant Plantings Program At NJBG

NEW JERSEY – NJBG (New Jersey State Botanical Garden) will sponsor a program on Deer-Resistant Plantings at the New Jersey State Botanical Garden, on Saturday, September 20, 2014, at 1 p.m. The program will be held in the Carriage House Visitor Center.

Bambi is charming, but not when he’s eating your favorite plants. Emil Rostello of Jacobsen Landscape Design will suggest great planting ideas and tricks to help you deer-proof your garden. While hosta, for example, are a favorite snack with deer, they will leave your peonies alone. Come and learn more ways to out-smart the four-legged visitors in your garden.

EKaar-1110-deerforwebEmil Rostello Jr. is a Landscape Designer at Jacobsen Landscape Design and Construction in Midland Park.  He has been a landscape designer for over ten years with experience running his own landscape business, as well as working for JLDC.  Having  studied environmental design and ornamental horticulture, Mr. Rostello has extensive knowledge of local and exotic plant material.  He prides himself on using this extensive plant knowledge to create beautiful and sustainable landscapes for his many clients.  His experience working in areas where deer predominate has led him to develop design strategies and a plant palette which our furry friends do not devour.

“I have had to deal with the deer issue out of necessity,” said Mr. Rostello, “and this has developed into a design and planting style that works well with today’s residential properties.  I learn more with every project and I look forward to sharing my strategies with you.”

A $5 donation is requested; donations to the NJBG/Skylands Association support improvements at the Botanical Garden.

NJBG is located on Morris Road in Ringwood, NJ. Call 973-962-9534 or visit  for more information on NJBG, membership, volunteer opportunities, events or directions. The NJ Botanical Garden is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Admission to the Garden is always free; parking is also free in the autumn, winter and spring.

In 1966, the State of New Jersey purchased the 1,117 acres of Clarence McKenzie Lewis’s Skylands estate as the State’s first acquisition under the “Green Acres” preservation program. Governor Thomas Kean designated the central 96 acres surrounding Skylands Manor as the State’s official Botanical Garden in 1984. The gardens contain many unique features, including an extensive collection of statuary, historic trees, formal annual garden, perennial beds and an heirloom collection of lilacs.

Since 1976, NJBG/Skylands Association, an incorporated, member-supported non-profit organization, has worked with the State to preserve and protect Skylands and its historic structures. NJBG sponsors programs, concerts and special events throughout the year at the Botanical Garden. Guided tours of the gardens are offered on Sundays at 2 p.m., May through the end of October, weather permitting.

NJBG/Skylands Association receives no funding from the State of New Jersey or from on-site operators. Donations and sponsorships are always appreciated.