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December Horoscope

Aries – Improving job skills, foreign travel and if you are so inclined to begin creative writing are positive areas of consideration. Your ruling planet Mars places the emphasis on employment, updating résumés and meetings with employment counselors until the 8th  After the 8th Mars transits in westerly direction placing the onus on relationships. You benefit by allowing others to set the pace. Sun will spotlight the career area of your solar chart after the 21st. Business, employment meetings with VIP’s can further your status. Favorable dates 10-11-12

Taurus – It would seem as though others are controlling your destiny; this may be a fact – but – if you listen to your inner voice you might discover how much better off you are than others. Be silent it is not a time to discuss a game plan with those who may not have your best interest at heart.  Passions build however miss directed energy causes break ups that can be easily avoided if your are aware of jealousy or a lack of common sense. Sun enters your solar 9th house on the 21st and will spotlight travel and education. Work skills will be  top priority. Favorable dates 13-14

Gemini – The spotlight is on your solar 7th house which is inundated with planetary force. First and foremost, personal and business relationships will be favorable.  Venus, planet of love and social relationships transits your solar 8th house and will retrograde on the 22nd. Latter aspect can be frustrating with assets and partner’s influence with monetary issues. After the 21st the Sun will enter your solar 8th house and will place the accent on monetary concerns dealing with investments and other people’s money. Favorable dates 15-16-17

Cancer – Homeopathic healing helps health issues. Since you have stimulating aspects your health is apt to improve. Resumes and employment    counselors help to achieve a better position. Difficult time period in distinguishing between love and sex. Your passions are at a high level.  After the 21st the Sun will join Mercury, Venus and Pluto and will oppose your ascendant. The latter aspects place you at a disadvantage when dealing with personal and business issues. The redeeming factor is  if you are patient and do not allow your sensitive nature to take over, you will learn a great deal. Be a detective! Favorable dates 18-19

Leo – The omnipotent Sun shines on romance, creative pursuits and children. Because of the retrograde motion of the planet Mars transits your solar 3rd house where it will remain for several months, Mars can create indecision with real estate, relocating and home improvements. Mars may cause disagreements with discordant friends and family members. After the 21st the Sun will enter the health area of your solar chart where it will be joined by  Mercury, Venus and Pluto. A good time to consider homeopathic healing. Organize a work project for optimum results. Favorable dates 20-21-22

Virgo – The Sun will transit your 4th solar house placing the emphasis on your domestic situation. Good timing for home improvements, real estate and relocating. In some cases financial counseling helps to  save money on taxes, loans and credit card debt. Creative pursuits can get you out of the doldrums of boring routine employment.    After 21st   the Sun will join Mercury Venus and Pluto and will illuminate the   romantic sector of your solar chart. Cupid’s arrow may not be far away – be alert and seize the moment. Favorable dates 23-24

Libra – Mars the warrior will be in your sign for several months because of its retrograde motion. Be advised that it may cause you to be disagreeable or confrontational. Be careful with your monetary situation – be not a borrower or a lender be. On the plus side, Mars can give energy – work out and overcome frustration. You do best by allowing others to set the criterion.  After the 21st the transitory rays of the Sun will join Mercury, Venus and Pluto and will place the onus on  the domestic area of your solar chart. In some cases you may need to pay close attention to your domestic needs. Take stock of family obligations. Favorable dates 25-26

Scorpio – The rays of Saturn are never to comfortable because of added responsibility. There are other illuminating aspects that can mitigate some of the negativity that you feel whether it be a personal relationship or an employment problem.  Jupiter retrograde indicates you reevaluate a future game plan – which is the right way to go.   After the 21st the Sun will join   Mercury, Venus and Pluto placing the spotlight on employment and career issues.  Be careful of what you say or criticizing a close friend. Good timing for the purchase of a computer or any type of equipment change that can facilitate an increase in business or sales.   Favorable dates 1-27-28-29

SagittariusHappy Birthday! Jupiter your planetary ruler retrogrades in your solar 8th house and can cause delays with vested interest such as partner’s money, taxes or a legal issue. Sun omnipresent in your sign provides you with positive energy and healing powers.  Mercury makes you playful and fun loving – friends will evolve around you.  Sun shifts on the 21st and will join Mercury, Venus and Pluto in your money house. This dynamic foursome should be used for investigation or researching a financial investment. Favorable dates 2-3-30-31

Capricorn – The Sun will be transiting the most sensitive position of your solar chart and will be joined by Mercury on the 5th.  Consider rest and relaxation periods of meditation. Working hard has created stress and a overactive imagination. It is time to turn it off and seek solace. Your demanding ruler Saturn will be transiting your 11th solar house creating a heavy workload and more responsibility. After the 21st  Happy Birthday!  The Sun will be joined Mercury, Venus and Pluto providing you with dynamic energy. Favorable dates 4-5

Aquarius – Saturn, your secondary ruler, transits your 10th solar house  and will place the onus on employment and business opportunity. Consider meetings with VIP’s and employment advisors  who offer new and untried ideas.  Health improves through homeopathic healing. After the 21st   the Sun will shift to the most sensitive area of your solar chart where it will join Mercury Venus and Pluto. Avoid clandestine relationships.  This is a good position for research, investigation, rest, and relaxation. Favorable dates 6-7

Pisces – The Sun spotlights the career sector of your solar chart. A business venture and meetings with VIP’s  are  positive areas of growth. Transitory Mars will be the planet to watch carefully as it orbits in westerly direction affecting partnerships and vested interest. Trust no one at their word and oversee bookkeepers and those who handle your finances.  After the 21st  the Sun will join Mercury Venus and Pluto in the house that is delegated to friendship. Old friends resurface. Health clubs are recommended Favorable dates 8-9

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.