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Dave Ulczycki Concludes His Tenure As IPA President

After many years of dedicated service to the International Polka Association, Dave Ulczycki announced his desire to conclude his tenure as IPA President at a recent Board of Directors meeting.  Dave was elected President in 2006 and presided over many organizational improvements and successful events.  He also served as an Illinois Director and 1st Vice President as he selflessly gave his time and efforts for the promotion of polka music.

Dave was also very instrumental in fostering improved relations and cooperation between the IPA and fellow polka organizations such as the United States Polka Association and the Cleveland Polka Association.

In keeping with IPA by-laws, to the fill the vacancy, 1st Vice President Rick Rzeszutko has assumed the role of acting President and will continue in that capacity until the next IPA Festival planned for August 31, 2014.  At that meeting, elections will be conducted to determine the new President and other IPA positions open at the time.

On behalf of the membership, all the IPA Officers and Directors extend their sincerest gratitude and heartfelt congratulations to Dave Ulczycki for his stellar career of leadership.