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Cortese & Curtis

The family names – CORTESE & CURTIS are derived from the same Latin word as the words – COURT, COURTEOUS, COURTESAN. They come to us through the French, from the Latin word – COHORT. In the Gallic wars a COHORT consisted of 300 to 600 soldiers. Caesar’s legion was comprised of 10 cohorts. Originally, the cohort was located in a courtyard and the Latin word for courtyard was the same as the word – GARDEN. HORTUS – is the word for- GARDEN. Hence, we have the word -HORTICULTURE. Also, the motto for the city of Chicago is – URBS IN HORTO – A CITY IN A GARDEN.

A courtesan, of course was courteous as she needed to lure a customer. Indubitably, courtesans did much business with the Roman soldier in the courtyard or garden. Courts are composed of many individuals and are guided by procedural manners which in effect are courteous.