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May 19, 2024

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Congressman Pascrell Welcomes
Governor Murphy To Paterson Falls

NEW JERSEY – Congressman Pascrell welcomes Governor Murphy to the Paterson Falls National Park Opening of The Quarry Lawn Project .  The Federal, State, County & City cooperation has brought this project along in a timely fashion not often seen in government. (In photo) 

In photo: Governor Murphy with Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh and Darren Boch – Superintendent of Paterson Falls National Park.  A proud Superintendent shows a sovereign mug that can be purchased at the Gift Shop.

In photo: Commissioner of the NJDEP Catherine McCabe with her trusted Assistant Commissioner Ray Bukowski who over sees the DEP work being done at The Falls. 

The Quarry Lawn. The property will be clean up to allow its use as part of the Paterson Falls National Park development.  The Public will be able to see the Water Falls  and the Passaic  River and also the ruins from the Allied Textile Industrial Complex which dates back from Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton founded Paterson as the first Industrial City in the newly created USA.  Weddings , picnicking and other recreational activities are planned to occur on the lawn. 

In Photo: Congressman Pascrell the moving force behind the destination of the Paterson Falls as a National Park .

Photos by James Dombrowski