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Jul 14, 2024

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Congressman Cohen Must Apologize

The POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS strongly supports THE KOŚCIUSZKO FOUNDATION’S letter below which requests that Congressman Stephen Cohen (D-TN9) apologize for holding Poland and the Poles responsible for the mass murder, during World War II, of European Jewry on Nazi German conquered Polish territory.

On the May 24, 2021 CNN evening broadcast, Congressman Cohen made this false statement for all the world to hear.  Congressman Cohen’s falsehood harms both the bi-lateral relationship between Poland and the United States and people-to-people relations between Americans and Poles.   If Congressman Cohen does NOT apologize Polish Americans will join with their fellow Tennesseans who value truth and memory on Election Day 2022 and vote to retire Congressman Cohen from the House of Representatives.

Read below:

KF_Letter_to_Congressman_Cohen copy

EDITOR’S NOTE: See article on Post Eagle website entitled “Congressman Suggests Poland Was Responsible for Concentration Camps.”