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Color My Moods

The colors that you wear on the outside show your mood on the inside.

There are colors that uplift your spirits and others that subtly bring down your mood. If you pay close attention, your inner mood will be programming your outward responses all day long.

The color environment that you woke up in and work in can make you more conducive to productivity or distract your flow of thoughts and bring you down in your mood.

All the subtleties that we have around us every day will come together and put together the whole picture of you.

ELECTRICITY (Attraction)  =  Silver
RICHNESS  =   Gold
HAPPINESS  =  Happy Colors    =  Sunny/Yellow
MENTAL  = Thinking Colors   =  Hues of Blue
PRODUCTIVITY = Action Colors = Red Tones
HEALTH = Growth = Green Hues
EMOTIONS = Heaviness/Moodiness = Black/Gray
SOOTHING = Calmness = Mauve/Purple          

When planning your “mood for the day”…..plan your colors carefully. Even if you are not feeling that bouncy upon waking up, what you choose to wear can override your mood.

I went to a meeting in a very upscaled building never guessing that when I got off the elevator on my floor the doors would open to walls and carpeting of mauve and purple tones.  I instantly was transformed from being anxious to exhilaration and optimism. Then I began to think, “how nice, and how conducive to a good meeting”.  (The decorators surely knew what they were doing for this company when they planned this.) So, put more importance into the colors, they can improve your overall well-being every day!

Volume XII, Article 50