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Sep 26, 2023

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Coach Ryan Rallys Defense

5th year Jets head coach Rex Ryan rallys the defense in a 27-20 Jets win over the Buffalo Bills at Met Life Stadium upping their record to 2-1.  Ryan besieged by criticism over his handling of the quarterback rodeo between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith during the pre-season which ended in an injury to Sanchez, clearing the way to pick rookie Smith as his starter.

Geno Smith has quickly become a solid game manager mixing a running game with the ability to throw the long ball.  As would be expected, Smith has made some offensive errors but his ability to run and scramble has given the Jets a chance to win.

The solid play of the quarterback backed up by a defense lead by Temple University Defensive End Muhammad Wilkerson has re-energized Ryan who has the players this season to control the line of scrimmage.

The return of Santonio Holmes at wideout has given Geno Smith a target to move the ball down the field.  The running game which did not exist last season has been revived from a few seasons ago which saw the Jets advance to the AFC Championship Game in  Sanchez’s first two seasons. The offensive line play has given the  Jets a chance to score and while its too soon to predict a Playoff spot, the team is playing with a passion not seen in the past two seasons.

The defense, which brought success to Ryan as a rookie coach and continued into his second year, has been solid and shut down the Bills to ensure a Jets victory.  The Jets sacked rookie quarterback EJ Manuel 8 times.  Manuel was picked ahead of Smith in the draft a few months ago.  When Smith was asked about the revenge factor of defeating the QB picked ahead of him, Geno took the high road, expressing that his only concern was winning the game and  improving his own play.  “I got to stop the interceptions,” Smith echoed, but it was clear he was very content with his first career   300 passing yard game.

By James Dombrowski