Clifton Health Dept. and Clifton Police Dept. Announce Pedestrian Safety Campaign

NEW JERSEY – Thanks to generous grant funding received from the Partners for Health Foundation, the Clifton Health Department (CHD) and the Clifton Police Department (CPD) will be collaborating to improve pedestrian safety in the City of Clifton with its Look, Cross, Live Clifton pedestrian safety campaign. The mission of the Partners for Health Foundation is to make communities healthier, better places to live, and this is something the City of Clifton is looking to accomplish.

During the spring of 2022, CHD and CPD will be working with students from Montclair State University to conduct crosswalk audits to identify the crosswalks throughout the City that need to be updated, with an emphasis on crosswalks located near schools. Grant funding will be used to purchase pedestrian crossing signs for schools, standard pedestrian crossing signs, as well as thermoplastic paint to improve faded or no longer visible crossing lines at crosswalks. Look, Cross, Live Clifton decals will also be distributed at various outreach events to raise awareness of this campaign and encourage motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians to all work together to demonstrate safe behavior on the roads and to protect those around them. 

In addition to updating crosswalk signage and crosswalk lines, CHD will be collaborating with EZ Ride, an organization that works with communities to offer pedestrian safety programs, to offer age-appropriate and impactful programs to students in Clifton Schools.

To complement this campaign, the Health Department and Police Department have also been sharing Street Smart program messages in order to educate motorists and pedestrians on safe practices and the pedestrian laws. CPD Officers have also been distributing educational “Drive Smart, Walk Smart” pamphlets to motorists.

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The Clifton Health Department and Clifton Police Department look forward to working with its partners to reduce pedestrian crashes and fatalities in the City and ultimately make Clifton a safer place for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The Clifton Health Department is a contractual health agency serving the Township of Little Falls.