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May 24, 2024

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Clifton Has A New Councilman!

Grabowski Wins More Than Half The Votes In His Bid for Clifton City Council

CLIFTON, NJ – Ray Grabowski won a seat on the Clifton City Council after receiving 53 percent of the votes cast in the November 3rd elections. Ray was overwhelmed by the support. At the same time it was bittersweet, because the vacant seat he will fill had been previously occupied by his brother, Matt Grabowski. Ray was quoted as saying, “This was important to both of us, but I’m sharing it without him. I have to hope that he’s by my side.”

Below is a message from Ray thanking all of his supporters. Please read on…

“To All My Friends and Family

Words can not express how grateful I am to everyone for this tremendous victory. I thank everyone for all their help and support. It is very difficult for me to be completely overjoyed since last year at this same time we were all congratulating my brother Matthew for this same success. I know in my heart he would be as proud of me as I have always been of him. I miss him every day and wish I could share this with him. My brother and I have been on many journeys together; this city council is one I will fill in for him alone, knowing he will always be by my side in spirit. Please know I will always do the best I can to serve the great city of Clifton, my home. Thank you again.”