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Sep 22, 2023

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Clifton Community Blood
Drive At City Hall

CLIFTON, NJ – Twenty-nine units of blood were collected at the Clifton Community Blood Drive on June 23.  The great turnout made this our most successful blood drive in the past 3 years.  This total includes a remarkable total of 13 first-timers who have not donated with us before!

Thanks to all of you who donated, attempted to donate, or simply helped to spread the word about the event.  Thanks to State Fair for donating the tickets to Meadowlands State Fair awarded to each donor.

Clifton Health Department and PBA #36 will be sure to let you know when the bus will be stopping at City Hall again!

– Det. Tim Kaminski  (PBA # 36)

In photo: Clifton Health Educator, Maria Straface, pre-donation on right
and post-donation below.

blood drive 2016.06.23 Maria post