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Jul 17, 2024

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Clifton Artists’ Summer Art Show At Castle

NEW JERSEY – From Wednesday, June 4th through Sunday, July 27th in Lambert Castle (home of the Passaic County Historical Society) at 3 Valley Road, Paterson NJ; The Passiac County Historical Society will be exhibiting the Clifton Association of Artists’ Summer Art Show on Lambert Castle’s newly reopened third floor. Having been in existence for over fifty years, the Clifton Association of Artists’ is open to all artists, of all skill levels. The Summer Art Show will showcase pieces in a variety of medias, including painting and photography. Meet some of the artists at the Awards Day, June 14th at 12pm. Regular museum admission applies.   The Passaic County Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was founded to cultivate interest among individuals and the community-at-large in the rich history of Passaic County. To this end our museum in Lambert Castle showcases examples of the County’s cultural and artistic diversity, as well as examples of the County’s natural, civil, military, and ecclesiastical history. The Society also maintains a library and archive, which houses manuscripts, books and photographs of historical and genealogical interest.   For more information on special events such as this one, visit the Passaic County Historical Society’s website at or call (973) 247-0085.