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Dec 2, 2023

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Clean Out The Clutter

The more clutter you have in and around your home and work space….the foggier your mind is.

The more it piles up, the foggier your mind gets. The more you tend to ignore what needs to be done, you start to live in a stagnant state.

Collectibles are very nice to have until you realize that the memories that made them have surrounded you with a wall.  Break down that wall; start changing your pattern and letting go of things you never thought that you would ever part with. The feeling of change and exuberance is enough to make you “a new person” in a short span of time.

People that cannot let go (and I am not talking about hoarders) are people who have “been there, done that, and seen enough” to make them immobile in their emotional life.  They are unable to take a chance on anything new emotionally for months and years for fear of emotional upheaval, or disappointment.

Life is strange, and when “life portrays fiction”, it makes for an even more complicated thought pattern for a person that “can stop you dead in your tracks” and render you speechless. (A classic example of this is the untimely death of the actor James Gandolfini a/k/a Tony Soprano.  The script writers and actors for the Sopranos HBO Series must be still in a state of disbelief and shock.  Who would have thought that in real life, tough guy Tony Soprano’s last day of life would be touring the Vatican in Rome and having a great Italian meal, then collapsing and dying?)  You couldn’t have made that up!

What I am saying is, if you, personally have had any unbelievable earth-shattering experiences in your life that shook you to your very core…..this reflects on where you are today and only you understand the gravity of its effect on you.

No one can understand you……. but you.  No one can change your outlook, it has to come from within yourself.  Don’t disappoint yourself anymore….start a change and optimism will follow. You will see “the clutter disappearing” with very little effort.

Running in a circle on the merry-go-round of life ……to escape your thoughts only gets you running in a circle unless you reach out and grab the brass ring the next time around!

  Good Luck, you are about to enter……. The Zone for Change!

Volume XII – Article 73