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City of Clifton Kicks Off Curbside
Plastic Recycling Collection April 1st

Clifton, New Jersey – March 7th, 2014 – The City of Clifton is pleased to announce the expansion of our Award-Winning Recycling Program. Beginning April 1, 2014 Clifton will begin curbside collection of plastic bottle containers. Curbside collection of plastics will continue at the same time as all other recycling items which include; paper, cardboard, glass and cans. City Recycling Coordinator Al Du Bois said “We take great pride in our city’s recycling program. It’s our goal to maximize our recycling savings as a community.”

Only plastic bottles/containers labeled with #1 and #2 can be collected. Please look under the bottom of the bottle/containers and you will find a number within a triangle. All other types of plastic containers cannot be accepted for recycling collection. If for any reason you don’t have a number on the bottom of the container, please put out with regular trash; it is not recyclable. Please be careful NOT to mix with any other types of plastic; most importantly NO plastic bags of any kind will be collected! If you would like to recycle plastic bags, most grocery stores will accept donations. Please place plastic bottles/containers in a separate reusable container and it will be collected along with your other recyclable materials according to the schedule in the Recycling Guide. Residents will have the option of bringing plastic bottles/containers to the Recycling Center at City Hall. City Manager Matt Watkins said “I’m proud of our hard working staff members that look for opportunities that help the environment. We know this expansion of the Clifton Recycling Program will do just that.”

Questions regarding plastic collection should be directed to the DPW at 973-470-2237, or see information on our web site: for details. Thank you for your participation and cooperation.