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May 20, 2024

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Centennial Remembrances

CLIFTON, NJ – As a remembrance of all the events planned for the Centennial, a passport has been created. The passport is for sale and available for only $5 at the City Clerk’s office. The Passports will also be available for sale at all the events as well. The passport can then be brought to all the planned events the purchaser attends.

Each event will have a signature stamp for the Passport. The Passports will be filled with signature stamps from the many events being planned by the Special Events Committee i.e.: Ecumenical Prayer Service, International Cultural and Food Festival, Scavenger Hunt, trip to Ellis and Liberty Island and more.

Another way to remember our 100th celebration is with our adorable  Centennial bear and mustang. They are available at the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall for $12. They also will be available at the Dutch Hill Flea Market on 6/4/16 beginning at 9 AM and the Relay for Life on 6/11/16 starting at 4 PM.

The Centennial Celebration is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all Clifton residents and please consider yourself officially invited to Clifton’s Celebration.

It’s Not Every Day You Get to Say You’re 100… so let’s really shout it out Cliftonites.