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Failure Is Never An Option:
It Is An “Evil Result”.

Aside from that, and just as important, “don’t ever sell yourself short”! (Also not an option!) Accepting what is beneath your standards either in personal or business relationships will only detract you from your “mission in life”. Do you know what your life’s work (mission) is, or should be! “Success” is in knowing that “your …

Failure Is Never An Option:
It Is An “Evil Result”.
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A special wake-up call is what we all went through a year ago with Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy.  Some of us fared way better than others.  Where we go and what we do from here on in is yet to be seen. If we continue down the same path of over-consumption, non-concerned attitudes with no respect …

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One Day At A Time

It is not “our timing”, it is the timing in the bigger scheme of life that rules our lives.   If we “listened to” our own timing and became frustrated when something didn’t work out to our schedule, it is because the Master’s Plan for our life took precedent over ours!  Unfortunately, “it takes forever” to …

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If Life Was Easy

IF IT IS TOO EASY….THEN THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT! It took a lot of years and numerous experiences before I would ever admit to myself that there is a lot of truth to this statement.  The only problem is, it is our human nature to pooh, pooh what we see in exchange for …

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“Planning” is good for your mental outlook…… But, your path is directed by heavenly beings if you are a spiritual person.  (If you are not a spiritual person you are probably in an “ungodly free fall” and where you land is anyone’s guess.) All the plans, decisions and energy you put into a plan will …

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How Rude

Whatever happened to common courtesy?  Did someone have a competition and rudeness won? The winner that “takes the cake” and the first prize is an elderly woman who is a member at a local Swim Club.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, as she jumped out of her beach chair and ran up to the Life …

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Angry Cleaning

If you have never had the experience of Angry Cleaning……you don’t know what you are missing.  Your “to do list” will evaporate very quickly and your decorating and rearranging faculties will kick in to surpass your very own expectations. This isn’t something that comes about too often, hopefully, but when it does you should take …

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