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The Real Dracula

  (There are many versions of Dracula in the movies. What most of you readers don’t know is that Dracula had some very interesting Polish ties. My good friend Chet Karasinski penned the following piece about the real Dracula. Hope you enjoy!)   To tell the story of the Dracula family we have to back track through history a little. By the …

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Our Pagan Ancestry

 At a time when the Slavic peoples inhabiting the areas that form Poland today were heathens, their lore and beliefs caused them to practice old ceremonies that were meant to avert misfortune and make nature treat them with goodness. Among their many rites and customs were periodic holidays observed to mark the changing climate during the year. For example, they …

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Polish Easter Customs

    Easter is back again. That traditional holyday that is so rich in Polish heritage is once again gracing our door steps. To this day, eggs are a major item at Easter. They are blessed, they are artificially-painted in many lovely and intricate patterns, and different sections of Poland are known for their individualistic design.     In many …

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The Statue

There is a castle in Poland named Janowiec. It is on the outskirts of a small town, actually an artist colony, called Kazimierz. The castle has two towers and on one of them stands a very proud statue of Kosciuszko with an endless view of the rolling countryside.   The statue was cast in cement by some unknown artist many years …

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Our King Spirit

 “Juliusz Slowacki had to die and his works had almost to die with him before he began to be appreciated. In his lifetime, he was chilled and starved and treated with a neglect so deliberate and universal as to smack of conspiracy. Only his colossal pride and an unconquerable will to fame through poetry sustained him and gave him strength …

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Vocal Virtue

“We’ll hold our land, our Father’s land We’ll keep alive our tongue We, Polish Nation, gallant race Renown in poem and song We’ll keep our Precious holy sod Do help us now, O God Do help us now, O God!”   The above words are sometimes sung  by  Poles  who gather for special historical commemorations. they are rarely heard today but …

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Sculpting History

During my professional engineering career, I found myself traveling on numerous occasions to Washington. One occasion I had visited the capitol building, surprisingly it is within this structure that two fine pieces of sculpture are housed, the busts of Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Casimir Pulaski and I am here to tell you their story.   The presence of these busts came …

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A New Jersey Hero

“He lived three lives. There are the momentous years of his youth, from 1844 to 1850, when he was 21 to 26. Many times in those years he risked his life for Polish freedom. The imprisonments, his hair-breadth escapes, the disguises, the secret meetings, the frequent brushes with death, read like high romance or stirring tragedy. Finally, a marked man …

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Poland’s First Iron Horse

  Ever wonder about transportation before the auto — about how people got around? Well, besides the bicycle and the horse, there was the railroad and it has an interesting history, especially in Poland.   The first railroad in the world was the Stockton-Darlington built in England in 1825 by George Stephenson. Freight cars were moved by steam engines and passenger cars …

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The Temples of Poland

  Sacred buildings are an important part of Polish architectural monuments. Many of them have a history more than a thousand years long. It should be remembered that Poland was converted to Christianity in 966 A.D., during the reign of its first historical ruler, Prince Mieszko I.   Everyone traveling in Poland is surprised by the richness and variety of the architectural …

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